Expedición Patagón, 2016

The first images of the unexplored Glaciar India, seen from a hillock above Cajon Yaconi.

Trip Duration: 24 nights

Participants: Solo

Unexplored destinations*: Glaciar India, Lago India, Glaciar Christian Vargas, Cajón Yaconi, Valle Arbolado, Cajón Inesperado.

Brief description: This trip, a 24 day solo trip, was carried out in an extremely remote part of Patagonia. From the moment I was dropped at the start point to the moment I was collected, I saw not a single person or sign of human activity. It was breathtakingly stunning at times, and inexplicably hard the rest. A beautiful and life defining experience!

Animals seen: Whale; toninas (chilean dolphins); seals; leopard seal; sea lions; fox; a variety of birds including Magellanic woodpeckers, cisne de cuello negro, pato huala, king fishers, hummingbirds. Otter tracks also seen on a beach. Large quantity of whale bones.

* The names given to these places are, of course, unofficial and hold no geographic importance. Valle Arbolado refers to the beautiful, forested nature of the valley. Cajón Inesperado refers to the manner in which, on descending Valle Arbolado, it turned into a steep and unexpected canyon. Glaciar Christian Vargas, Cajón Yaconi, Mirador Rinsey and Glaciar India are names given in gratitud to special people (or places, in the case of Rinsey). They are the names that I gave to these places in my trip notes during the expedition.

Mapu Lahual

Returning for a third time to this coastal rainforest in Southern Chile, we spent 4 days trekking on empty beaches and through lush forest.

Puyehue and Nahuel Huapi

Photos from Anticura in Puyehue and a night across the border in Nahuel Huapi.